Using Containers

As an alternative to installing Nutils, it is possible to download a preinstalled system image with all the above considerations taken care of. Nutils provides OCI compatible containers for all releases, as well as the current developement version, which can be run using tools such as Docker or Podman. The images are hosted in Github's container repository.

The container images include all the official examples. To run one, add the name of the example and any additional arguments to the command line. For example, you can run example laplace using the latest version of Nutils with:

docker run --rm -it laplace

HTML log files are generated in the /log directory of the container. If you want to store the log files in /path/to/log on the host, add -v /path/to/log:/log to the command line before the name of the image. Extending the previous example:

docker run --rm -it -v /path/to/log:/log laplace

To run a Python script in this container, bind mount the directory containing the script, including all files necessary to run the script, to /app in the container and add the relative path to the script and any arguments to the command line. For example, you can run /path/to/ with Docker using:

docker run --rm -it -v /path/to:/app:ro