Release History

Nutils is developed on Github and released at cadence of roughly one year, with the actual time of release depending on the level of maturity of newly introduced features. Major releases introduce new features and may deprecate features that have been superceded. Minor releases contain only bugfixes and are always safe to upgrade to.

Every major release follows the following procedure:

  • The development branch is branched off to release/x, where x is the major version number
  • The release is assigned a code name, in alphabetical order, derived from a type of noodles dish
  • The release commit is tagged as vx.0, with minor updates following as vx.1, vx.2 etc
  • The package is uploaded to PyPi for easy installation using pip
  • The changelog in the development branch is emptied and added to this release history

Development version

Since Nutils is under active development and releases are fairly infrequent, users may choose to work with the development version directly, taking for granted that their code may require continuous updating as features develop — keep an eye on the changelog in the project root! The development version is continuously updated here: